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NCVO’s Trusted Suppliers Selection Procedures

NCVO works with a range of Trusted Suppliers who are selected for the quality of their products and services, value for money, experience of working with voluntary organisations and sustainability. The core principles of the NCVO Trusted Suppliers are that they can help organisations save time and money and help organisations evolve and develop strategically to make them more efficient and effective. In addition to our selection criteria below, we also expect all of our Trusted Suppliers to act in a responsible business way and adhere to our Code of Conduct. If you have any questions regarding our Trusted Suppliers or think you have a product or service that would be of interest to our members please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In order to have a successful Trusted Supplier relationship the supplier must offer consistently good value to members; and to make the managing of the NCVO Trusted Suppliers sustainable we broker a commission income from all of our partners that covers the cost of managing and marketing the services, bringing new services and offers to the market, plus make a contribution to help cover NCVO’s core costs.

In evaluating a potential Trusted Supplier relationship NCVO will review the following to help assess suitability.

  • Review evidence of need/potential demand for the service
  • Supplier has a bespoke member or voluntary sector offering that is competitively priced
  • Supplier understands values of the sector
  • Take references (ideally voluntary organisations)
  • Review of Companies House or Charity Commission Accounts, or evidence of funding
  • Supplier agrees to adhere to NCVO’s Code of Conduct
  • Supplier has a complaints procedure/register
  • Site visit

Exceptions may be made to the above criteria with reasonable justification and at the sole discretion of NCVO. In addition to the above criteria the following will also be considered when selecting a supplier.

  • Quality of the goods and services to be supplied
  • Sustainability of the supply chain
  • Accessibility of the goods and services to be supplied
  • Development potential of the supplier
  • Reliability of the supplier and their supply chain
  • Safety aspects of the goods and services
  • Timely delivery of all goods and services
  • Maintenance and after sales support; overall service level that is offered

NCVO reserves the right to decide whether it thinks developing a Trusted Supplier partnership with an organisation that meets the minimum criteria is in the best interests of NCVO and its members and if we believe the product / service offered is marketable in a cost and time effective manner. NCVO works with Trusted Suppliers as organisations that we recommend members consider for supplying services, NCVO offers no guarantees over the quality and appropriateness of any supplier for any particular organisation and every organisation should discuss their requirements with the Trusted Supplier to ensure they meet their particular needs.

NCVO’s Trusted Suppliers Review Procedures

NCVO continually reviews its Trusted Suppliers to ensure they are offering appropriate and good value services. Our review procedures include the following.

  • An annual review with each supplier
  • An annual survey of members who have used services from the Trusted Suppliers
  • A formal complaints procedure with each supplier and a complaints register of all complaints received
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