A3: How the best leaders use impact and evaluation

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The most effective leaders use impact assessment and evaluation to manage their work and deliver the best results. Rather than being an add-on or nice-to-have, impact and evaluation should be part of your everyday work.

They can help you:

  • focus on the things that matter
  • improve outcomes for service users, choose how to prioritise resourcing and adapt to change quickly
  • attract funding and report to funders
  • describe the difference your organisation makes
  • engage and motivate stakeholders.

This interactive workshop will outline why you should be using impact and evaluation approaches in your work, giving real-life examples from NCVO Charities Evaluation Services’ 26 years’ experience in impact and evaluation. Sally gives tips on best practice and next steps in how to make impact and evaluation integral to the way you work.


Sally Cupitt, Head of NCVO Charities Evaluation Services

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