A3: The past, present and future of major donor fundraising

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Get practical advice, hints and tips on how to develop a major donor strategy, how to think differently with your current and potential donors, and hear first-hand what has and hasn’t worked for engaging donors at a range of organisations.

Dave and Kim will bring their wealth of experience of fundraising across the sectors and with high net worth individuals, to reflect on how major donor fundraising can be beneficial to your organisation. Using their knowledge of building million pound partnerships with major donors, they will discuss the evolution from cash philanthropy to partnership evaluation to major donor collaboration; helping you to think differently about your major donor strategy by gaining a unique insight on how major donors can and want to support your organisation.

Case studies from Oxfam, Sail 4 Cancer, Water Aid and NSPCC will demonstrate the success and challenges faced in putting strategy into practice, what they have learnt and how they are trying to respond to the big opportunity presented by the growth in philanthropy in the UK.


  • Dave Hillyard, Director of Philanthropy, Oxfam
  • Kim van Niekerk, Fundaising Adviser
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