Charity risk management

Risk seems to be high on the agenda again after the changes that 2016 will bring. Risk management is fast becoming one of the hot topics in charity governance as it helps you to manage the threats and maximise the opportunities which risk presents.

Sadly, too many of us don’t give it the attention it deserves instead seeing it as an administrative chore in terms of both its reporting and its management. NCVO’s practical, interactive and participatory course will help you get ahead and build your understanding of risk, give you important skills to better manage risk, and develop your confidence to shift from reacting to risk to welcoming the opportunity to explore the strategic opportunities.

Date Friday 30 June 2017
Time 09:30 - 16:30
Location NCVO Conference Suite, London N1

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NCVO’s one-day course addresses two important aspects of this vital, strategic, organisational management function. We start with an introduction to conventional risk management processes including identification, assessment and mitigation. Based on approaches developed in project management methodologies, these are the foundation of risk management in many organisations and can be seen in risk registers and other (sometimes colourful) reporting tools. Understanding these processes is essential for managers to actually manage – as Peter Drucker said, 'what gets measured gets managed so, if it is on the risk register, it gets attention'. 

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you will have:

1. Identified the steps in the risk management cycle

2. Practiced several of the key steps and considered their implications

3. Explored a range of risk management strategies

4. Considered risks we just take for granted

5. Developed an action plan to embed risk thinking in your organisation

You will also take away copies of the learning materials, sample templates and tools and a booklet you can use to share 'best practice' with your colleagues.


NCVO Conference Suite, Kings Cross, London, N1 9RL Where are we?

Who should attend?

Trustees and management who are responsible for the risk management in their organisation.

Who runs it?

Howard Exton Smith has over 20 years' experience as a consultant, facilitator and coach specialising in personal and organisational development, governance and performance improvement. Specialising in strategy, impact, governance and change, Howard has worked with the private, public and third sectors to improve individual and organisational performance through a focus on vision, collaboration and outcomes.

From a background in psychology and marketing, Howard has extensive experience of delivering successful change and capacity-building programmes with a range of audiences. Client-centred and flexible, Howard employs a participative, solutions-focussed approach to foster learning: he is a skilled communicator for changing attitudes and behaviour, and is passionate about making a difference.


Our pricing structure is based on your organisation’s gross annual income. We also offer a 30% discount for NCVO members

Not quite what you are looking for?

We also run courses on charity finance for non financial managers which may be of interest.

We have a 2 day project management course and a project management masterclass which may also be of interest. 

Contact us

Any questions please contact the training team by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone on 020 7520 2587.

Would you like to run this training for your organisation?

We offer bespoke and in-house training on a range of topics, including governance and leadership, sustainable funding and strategy development. For more information please complete our online contact form.

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