Essential support and supervision skills for managers and coordinators

Supporting volunteers is a valued and essential part of a manager or coordinator’s role, and a significant contributory factor to the success and long term sustainability of any mentoring or befriending project. This interactive and practical training will cover the essential supervision principles, skills and techniques for facilitating effective enabling conversations with individuals and groups.

Date 9 November 2017
Time 09.00–16.30
Location LGBT Foundation, Manchester

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Support and supervision is an effective way of motivating, engaging and retaining volunteers as well as monitoring and maintaining a consistent quality and standard of delivery. Individual and group support at key points in a programme provide an important space for volunteers to help boost their confidence, develop and strengthen skills, and become more resourceful. Supervision also provides useful feedback for coordinators, as well as identifying potential gaps in service or volunteer capability which may need to be addressed.


By the end of the day you will:

  • understand supervision from the different perspectives and the role of the coordinator in providing supervision and support
  • be able to support mentors and befrienders who have different levels of experience, from recently trained through to more experienced volunteers
  • be clear when to use support in a programme, and which perspective works best for different stages in mentoring and befriending relationships
  • know the different types of support (eg email, phone and face to face, individual and group) and the appropriate skills involved in each
  • be able to apply those skills to enable your volunteers to build confidence and develop their capability, so they can support service users more effectively
  • learn how to help mentors and befrienders to identify and respond effectively to boundary issues, and other challenges
  • know how to facilitate groups of volunteers to become more self-supporting and self-resourcing
  • learned activities and techniques for effective group supervision.

Who should attend?

Managers, coordinators and group leaders who manage staff, mentors or befrienders and want to increase their skills and confidence in a range of support settings including one to one and group. It is also applicable to co-ordinators who are looking to develop means by which volunteers who can support each other in groups – particularly relevant for those working across large areas or supporting large numbers of mentors or befrienders.

Who runs this course?

Will Jackson is a highly qualified and experienced coach and coaching supervisor who has worked extensively with leaders and managers across the healthcare, local and national government, and education sectors, as well as charities and start-up enterprises. He also trains managers and new leaders to develop and grow their coaching and mentoring skills and capability. Will works with mentoring and befriending organisations to help them support and supervise their volunteers effectively. He is also an experienced group facilitator and Action Learning Coach, enabling organisations to make the most of the valued knowledge and experience that lies within their own staff and volunteers.

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