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It takes time, effort and insight for an organisation to achieve its full potential, and it often takes an external perspective and additional resource to help identify and overcome the challenges that stand in the way.

At NCVO we not only offer this external and objective perspective, we also have a deep understanding of the challenges facing charities today and an experienced team of consultants who will help drive forward your and your organisation’s effectiveness. Read why adopting a healthy attitude towards risk can promote sustainability and growth (PDF 140KB)

NCVO is the UK’s leading voluntary sector organisation on social policy, data analysis, volunteering research and charity management. We have decades of experience in helping voluntary organisations to become stronger and we’re here to help you.

Our consultancy team provides support in the following key areas:

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Being a complex operation led by a Board of volunteers presents many unique challenges. At NCVO we understand these challenges and will work with you to overcome them through a mix of advice, facilitation and hands-on support.

We refer to NCVO’s best-selling ‘Good Trustee Guide’ and our own ‘governance wheel’ to ensure you and your team receives the highest quality support for your Board.

Find out more about governance consultancy from NCVO.


Having clarity on purpose, direction and priorities is critical to the success of your organisation. During the planning process it can be a real benefit to include an external perspective – a fresh pair of eyes and someone to ask the right questions.

Our team will work collaboratively with you to help you understand and articulate your impact; how best to measure it and align your activities accordingly; examine your current funding streams; diversify your funding portfolio and carry out external scanning to understand your organisation’s position in a rapidly changing environment.

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Our consultancy team don’t just offer advice and guidance; we also work alongside you to help implement the innovative changes and improvements that you need to meet your charitable objectives and compete for vital service contracts. Our support includes process management approaches such as LEAN and Sigma and the changes in working culture required to embed new ways of working.

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NCVO leads the way in voluntary sector research. The insights we gain help to fuel all the work we do to support voluntary organisations keeping our work topical, relevant and focused.

Our evaluation work provides the evidence of the impact that your campaign or programme has had, giving you the vital data you need to help you continuously improve and set priorities for future programmes.

Find out more about evaluation consultancy from NCVO.


Our consultancy support on volunteering runs through all areas of what we do.

We work directly with the corporate sector to recruit, induct and develop volunteer trustees to the governing boards of charities.

We work directly with charity and voluntary organisations to develop robust strategies for recruiting and managing volunteers, and evaluate the impact of volunteering programmes.

Our in depth research into volunteering provides you with the insight you need to make sound decisions about the future of volunteering in your organisation.

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