Charity leadership in the 2020s

Charity leadership in the 2020s is NCVO’s programme for the next generation of non-profit leaders.

The course was facilitated with knowledge, confidence and sensitivity. A truly brilliant opportunity for all attending - to examine in depth the characteristics, skills and processes needed for successful leadership in our sector. A fantastic group experience too.

– Course delegate 2016

There will be a 'getting to know you' webinar on Thursday 19 October from 13.00–14.30.

Date 26–28 November 2017 and 22 March 2018
Location Royal Foundation of St Katherine, Limehouse

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Who should apply?

The programme is designed for those who aspire to be sector leaders and champions in the 2020s, and who want to take a considered and deliberate approach. You might be an emerging leader, a manager in charge of a team, or even a CEO who is running a small organisation looking to advance their skills.


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We aspire for learners to see themselves as agents of positive change and to develop the capacity to envision a better future for all. As a charity leaders in the 2020s you will be able to:

  • maximise your ability to be an effective leader in your organisation and the sector
  • be entrepreneurial and digitally empowered
  • be open and transparent
  • recognise that the journey is as important as the destination
  • listen more attentively to contrasting opinions
  • negotiate more successfully with others
  • encourage responsibility in every aspect of their work
  • take steps to build the capacities of others.

Participants will be supported to work with the tensions and challenges reflected in the model below.


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