NCVO Campaigning Conference 2017 workshops

Workshops 1 – 10.25–11.40

Influencing Brexit 1: Taking back control? Shaping the law post-Brexit

Laws safeguard rights and protect the vulnerable – from refugees to endangered species. Yet these laws are under threat, as some look to use the opportunity afforded by Brexit to weaken or remove them. This session will look at how charities can protect the laws that protect their beneficiaries.

Strategic 1: Stories v facts: Framing your message in a ‘post-truth’ environment

We are often told we are living in an era dominated by ‘post-truth politics’. This workshop explores how we can use framing and attitudinal insight to change hearts and minds – without giving up our commitment to facts.

Practical 1: How new technology can help you connect with your supporters

Whether you are looking to raise awareness, increase participation, or connect supporters with the reality of your work, many organisations are turning to technology to make their campaign a success. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) databases and technology have traditionally been the remit of fundraising teams, but this workshop will discuss how essential they can be for building and running compelling supporter journeys which result in action and positive change.

Workshops 2 – 12.00–13.15

Influencing Brexit 2: New parliament, new politics? Key insights for campaigners post-election

Elections always create new opportunities and challenges for charities – hear from a panel of experts on what the election means for the political environment, and where the best opportunities for charities to influence politicians will be.

Strategic 2: Building public trust: The role of campaigners

In this workshop we will look at how campaigners can help build public trust and confidence in charities, discussing issues around campaigning standards, transparency and accountability. There will also be time for you to bring in your own thoughts and questions.

Practical 2: Using evaluation to keep your campaign on track

This workshop will examine common pitfalls around monitoring and evaluation to enable you to take advantage when things are going well, and address shortcomings early on in your campaign.

Workshops 3 – 14.15–15.30

Influencing Brexit 3: Striking a good deal: Influencing trade deals after Brexit

From lower animal welfare to more expensive medicine, the outcome of the UK’s trade deals with the EU and (potentially) the rest of world will have profound implications for charities and their beneficiaries. It is crucial that charities use their expertise to influence the outcome, but most will have no experience of influencing trade deals. This session will explain the importance of trade deals, how they are struck and what charities need to do to shape them.

Strategic 3: An influential group of MPs: How to get Select Committees to listen to your ideas

Select committees provide a key opportunity for charities to influence MPs, the government and the wider policy debate. This session will explore how charities can influence committees effectively, and make the most of this crucial parliamentary route.

Practical 3: What campaigners need to know about volunteer management

This workshop discusses the role of volunteers in campaigning. Our panel of experts will share tips and ideas about recruiting and supporting campaigning volunteers in order to help you harness their full potential and passion for your cause.

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