NCVO Campaigning Conference 2018 workshops

10.25 – Workshop one

Making polling work for you

Polling can often be crucial in giving a campaign legitimacy with your target audiences, but sometimes can make little difference. This workshop will look at what you need to consider before polling, when polling can help make the difference, and some practical tips on the sort of questions you should be asking.

Using the law to further your campaign

Using the law can provide an alternative opportunity to make change happen and raise issues, from judicial review and challenges to FOI requests. This session will look at what you need to consider when using the law, with some practical examples of what you can do, whatever the size of your organisation.

Ensuring volunteer-supported campaigns present an authentic voice

Volunteers are often crucial to the success of a campaign, and will help you to demonstrate grassroots support, but can organisations ensure their campaign volunteers are representative of their supporters and present an authentic voice? This session will provide an overview of how you can ensure your volunteers are representative and your voice is authentic.

12.00 – Workshop two

Taking care of business - making change happen without government

As Brexit limits the opportunities for campaigners to take forward ideas with government, should we be focusing more on achieving impact through businesses? This workshop will look at different approaches to influencing businesses and making change happen through alternative routes.

Developing a theory of change

Developing a strategy is the first step in any effective campaign. This workshop will give you an overview of how a theory of change can help your organisation to think strategically about campaigning.

Working with parliament to change the law

Charities have been instrumental in changing the law for decades, and with the Commons delicately balanced and an assertive House of Lords there could be more opportunities than normal. This session will provide a strategic overview of how to approach changing the law and practical tips for drafting amendments and having them tabled.

14.15 – Workshop three

Trends in online and digital

Digital campaigning is now central to putting together effective campaigns, so when things change or move on, campaigners need to be able to adapt quickly. This session will look at how your campaigns can make the most of emerging trends and not be left behind when the landscape changes.

Using evidence effectively in your campaign

Evidence is key both to informing campaign objectives, and in achieving campaign success, but how can you sure your evidence is robust and relevant? This workshop will discuss the approach you should be taking to ensure your evidence stands up to scrutiny.

Persuading the right people – how framing can support your campaign

Understanding the way people think and make decisions about issues is crucial to forming an effective campaign message. This workshop will look at how you can use framing to ensure your message resonates with the audience you need to target.

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