Coronavirus: Advice for your organisation 


Volunteering and coronavirus: Supporting the booster campaign and other ways you can help.

Our 2014-2019 strategy infographic

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For more detail read the full NCVO strategy.

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Together we will... 

Leave no-one in doubt about the public benefit you create

  • demonstrate the value of volunteers and voluntary organisations
  • show that voluntary organisations are open and accountable
  • make sure that you can speak truth to power effectively and with integrity

Make the greatest difference possible in spite of pressures of income and demand

  • support staff and trustees to find the right strategies for their organisaion
  • campaign for more effective and intelligent fundraising
  • ensure quicker, easier access to the right resources (knowledge, people, finance...)

Unlock the power of volunteering

  • Develop a national strategy for volunteer management
  • champion the importance, value and impact of organisations that support volunteering
  • Embed peer-to-peer and microvolunteering within the volunteering movement
  • Get users and volunteers involved in every aspect of public services
  • Ensure that no voluntary organisaion that wants to help deliver a public service is excluded because it is not big enough

We'll help you make the biggest difference – and we'll always stand up for you.

For more detail read the full NCVO strategy.

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