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Step on Board process


How can you harness the skills and experience of your senior
employees and emerging leaders to support the not-for-profit sector? The Step on Board programme will complement and add value to your corporate social responsibility strategy as well as honing the leadership skills of your employees.

The programme consists of four stages:

1. Introductory workshops for prospective trustees

Prospective trustees will receive expert training, advice, support and encouragement, essential for ensuring they know what is expected from them, what boards are their best fit and what rewards they can expect in return. During these introduction workshops they will find out more about:

  • the voluntary sector and how charities operate
  • what being a trustee involves
  • how to find the right trustee position and how to secure it

Those with existing positions will receive specialised training on governance to help them make the most of their trusteeship, maximising the impact their boards create.

2. Finding the right role

Diagnostic session

Working with Trustees Unlimited, the prospective trustee will benefit from face-to-face meetings that will identify areas of interest, strengths and experience, as well as get advice on how to secure a role and what to expect in the process.

Matching service

A time-limited exercise to match the right individual to the right role is imperative to the success of the trustee/ charity relationship. Professional support and guidance will be provided throughout the selection process.

3. Ongoing support and development

Once the position has been secured the individual will receive ongoing training and mentoring to ensure that they are maximising their impact and to discuss any challenges they may have.

Trustee induction for newly appointed trustees and refresher training

Drawing on NCVO's cutting-edge thinking that has been developed from our governance work with a range of charities over many years, this course aims to help trustees make an effective contribution to the governance of their organisation.

Advanced development – delivering maximum impact

This advanced course considers best-practice examples of voluntary sector trusteeship, including approaches to governance reviews such as NCVO’s Governance Wheel, skills audits, board recruitment and retention, succession planning and the working relationship between the trustees and the executive.

4. Impact assessment and evaluation

At a specified point after completion of the project an assessment will be made on three levels. How has it affected:

  • the organisation – has it met the strategic aims set at the beginning of the project?
  • the individual – has it added to their professional development?
  • the voluntary sector – have they benefited from the skills and experience of your employees?

Find out more about the Step on Board programme. 

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