Organisation Arty-Folks
Vacancy Type Treasurer
Deadline 9th May 2029
Region West Midlands
Vacancy Details

Arty-Folks is now looking to appoint a number of new Trustees to the Board, to help us deliver our strategic plan, to ensure that we continue to be a distinctive and successful charity that inspires adults to be creative and live their lives empowered.

We are keen to hear from candidates who can offer particular expertise in one or more of the following areas: finance, IT, HR, mental health and wellbeing, corporate sponsorship, and fundraising.  Candidates will support the Arty-Folks values and have an understanding of governance, and the skills, intellect and outlook to contribute effectively as members of a high calibre board.

The mission of Arty-Folks is to be a leader in driving social change by tackling the root causes to mental ill health through the transformational power of the visual arts and peer support.  Our vision is for all people to be part of a creative community where people help each other to thrive.  Conversations about emotional wellbeing will be ‘normal’ and everyday within families and across the wider community and individuals will be able to access the support they need before they become mentally too unwell to cope with daily life.

The objects of Arty-Folks are ‘to relieve persons recovering from mental health problems by assisting such persons to realise their full potential and lead fulfilling lives in particular by the encouragement of the visual arts and the provision of art related activities.’  The area of benefit is the City of Coventry and Warwickshire.

We inspire adults 18+ of working age who feel at a low point in their lives and who are struggling with diagnosed or self-diagnosed psychosocial mental ill health such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD etc. as well as more severe and enduring disorders such as psychosis, PTSD, schizophrenia, personality disorders, etc. 

We go the extra mile to help people

Create             powerful visual art that is self-aware and meaningful

Engage            peers and the wider community in conversations about good mental health

Discover          a new sense of self and direction in life

We provide early intervention and prevention to the unemployed as well as those on sick leave, those who are at risk of escalating mental ill health and developing more complex needs as well as those who are rebuilding their lives after hospital discharge, those with long-term conditions as well as those who will not contact mental health services fearing prejudice and the stigma that comes with a diagnosis. 

We offer a program of weekly art as therapy groups that are structured into measurable and progressive stepping stones of personal and artistic development, and that

  • reduce social isolation and loneliness
  • increase self-awareness and empower ownership of the recovery process
  • inspire people to achieve stability and to maintain mental wellbeing
  • build resilience and increase social, community, and economic engagement
  • challenge the stigma associated with mental ill health

We offer a mainstream facing non-medical and non-institutional environment that supports people to bridge the gap between being dependent on services to anchoring and thriving in the community.  We provide a holistic and seamless framework of support tailored to the individual that assists beneficiaries to develop the life skills needed to live healthy and active lives and to embark on chosen career paths.   

Advert Start Date 23rd October 2017
Contact Telephone Number 07967854851
Contact Name Lorella Medici
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