Volunteering Information Sheets: Saying 'thank you' to volunteers

Author: NCVO
Publication date: 01-05-2011
Edition: 1
ISBN: Vol. res 11
Publisher: NCVO
Number of pages: 7
Format: PDF
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Volunteering Information Sheets: Saying

For many local voluntary and community groups, volunteers are their lifeblood, and in some cases organisations simply wouldn't be able to function without the tireless support they receive from their volunteers.

Volunteers need to feel valued and respected, and a small gesture can really boost a volunteer's morale, self-confidence and sense of self-worth. It can also help staff and volunteers to 'bond'.

Events and gestures help maintain volunteer loyalty and increase retention levels, which in turn benefits the organisation and the people it is there to serve: its clients. So how can these efforts be acknowledged, and what are the best ways to reward volunteers for their contributions?

This Information Sheet covers:

  • national initiatives
  • events
  • awards
  • other ideas
  • gifts.
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