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Services for the public sector, funders and businesses

NCVO’s Consultancy team can advise a wide range of public service organisations including local authorities, primary care trusts (PCTs), those delivering health and social care services and other government agencies, funders and businesses on how to get the most out of relationships with voluntary organisations.

  • For local authorities and other government agencies
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For local authorities and other government agencies

Building cross-sectoral relationships

Relationships between the public sector and voluntary organisations are fundamental to a thriving civil society. But they can be complex partnerships to build and maintain, with each side having unique pressures and responsibilities to service users and other stakeholders. Our consultants’ in depth understanding of the voluntary sector can help you build successful relationships that lead to the delivery of effective services.

Researching options

If you are thinking about reviewing the way that you work with voluntary sector organisations in your area, we can help you to explore the options. Our consultants can provide detailed information about the types of organisations in your locality or in particular sub-sectors to help you make informed decisions that balance efficiencies with safeguarding and fostering your social capital.


Are you wondering how to engage more effectively with service users and service providers to deliver better outcomes for the community? We can help you to consult effectively with the voluntary and community sector on your ideas and plans. Whether you want to engage with the whole of the sector within a locality or to develop links with specialist organisations, we can advise on ways to ensure meaningful community representation.

Sharing knowledge

We can help ensure that you benefit from the innovative solutions to social problems that are emerging form the voluntary sector. We’ll also assist you to make the most of the extensive knowledge that already exists within your own departments about the people in your locality or specialist area and their needs. Unlocking and sharing this type of information across sectors can help foster positive relationships, build trust and improve services, enabling you to achieve even greater success in your National Indicators.


We understand that you want to offer excellent public services. Our consultants can support you to develop your market by involving the voluntary and community sector in two distinct ways:

  • Enabling organisations to help you map the needs of your community and design effective services
  • Building the capacity of voluntary organisations to bid for and deliver services.


The personalisation agenda and the rolling-out of individual budgets present great opportunities for the development of responsive and effective services, but also big challenges. As a commissioner, you have an important role in shaping the market to ensure the right mix of provision. To do this you need to establish a dialogue with providers. Our consultants can help you to engage with service providers and develop a strategy of implementation that makes the best use of the resources in your community.

For funders

Fostering innovative projects

Those with funds to invest can benefit from our expertise on how to find the projects most suitable for fostering innovative ideas and with the potential to deliver long term, lasting benefit. If you are searching for a new audience and a better quality of applicant, we can help you develop ways to attract and engage with fresh thinkers. We’ll also enable you to support your beneficiary organisations to make the most of their potential.

Ensuring your investment has impact

Our consultants can help you negotiate the impacts you want to see with your grantees. We can also work with you to devise or improve reporting procedures to capture actual outcomes, so that both sides are able to evaluate progress properly, to build on achievements.

Fruitful funding

Make the impact of your grant go further by commissioning NCVO to work with your grantees on developing a funding exit strategy to identify future sources of income for their work. You'll be helping to ensure that learning from the projects you support continues to inform and drive organisational development.

By working with your grantees on a sustainable funding strategy, we can help reduce grant dependence and ensure a lasting legacy for the projects you have chosen to support. You will be enabling those you have funded to continue to meet social needs well beyond the period of your initial investment.

For loan providers

If you are a loan provider we can work with applicants to help them get investment ready, ensuring that they are able to fully capitalise on the opportunities loan investment can offer them, and able to realise the full social return on your investment.  

For businesses

Corporate social responsibility

With budgets squeezed, our consultants appreciate that return on investment is critical in all areas of business: you need your corporate social responsibility programme to pay its way too. With our expert knowledge of the charity world, we can help you ensure that your partnerships with VCOs deliver real value for you and a real difference to the world.

Our prices

Our prices are based on day rates, which range between £750 and £1,350 depending on the skills and experience needed to deliver your project successfully.

Find out about NCVO corporate membership or public sector membership.

We charge a price that allows us to offer a quality, sustainable consultancy service to a variety of clients of different size, income and capacity. Along with VCOs, we also work with bodies in other sectors where our service can help bring about real benefits for our own sector. 100% of any surplus from this service is invested directly back into NCVO's work to provide voice and support for the voluntary and sector.

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