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Tools for Tomorrow

A practical guide to strategic planning for voluntary organisations

Author: Ian Bruce, Caroline Copeman, Andrew Forrest, Ruth Lesirge Paul Palmer, Atul Patel
Publication date: 12-01-2012
Edition: 3
ISBN: 978-0-7199-0008-2
Publisher: NCVO
Number of pages: 80
Format: Paperback
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Tools for Tomorrow

Planning for your organisation’s future is now more important than ever. Without thinking strategically, how can you hope to fulfill your mission and survive in these difficult times?

Strategic planning can be a daunting topic, but Tools for Tomorrow guides you through the process, step by step.

The 2013 edition contains 27 invaluable tools and good practice guides spread over six sections, each covering a different part of a strategic planning cycle:

  • Stage 1 – Getting the direction right: Being sure about where you are going, your desired future and whether this is the right future for your organisation.
  • Stage 2 – Environmental analysis: Assess the challenges and opportunities that your organisation is likely to face, as well as how fit it is to carry out its work.
  • Stage 3 – Options and choice: Explore options for achieving the desired future. Not just about choice, but also priority, feasibility and risk assessment.
  • Stage 4 – Planning: Take stock, review all the information, sort it and get down to the basics of planning the next steps in detail.
  • Stage 5 – Implementation: Once decisions have been made about the future direction, the goals, targets and outcomes need to be built into the organisation’s everyday life.
  • Stage 6 – Evaluation: Progress needs to be assessed at appropriate reporting intervals to make sure things are on track.

The book also includes a comprehensive resources section, with guidance on running focus groups, workshops and away days, as well as a detailed list of further written and online materials to help you take your planning further.

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