A7: How to (almost) stop worrying about your charity

NCVO icons strategyConstantly concerned about how your charity is handling the challenges it faces? That’s natural. But there are things you can put in place to give yourself – and others – confidence that you’re well prepared.

Hear from funders about why they value quality standards and have chosen to invest in them. Learn from colleagues at charities which have used NCVO quality standards about how they made their organisations better, improved the experience of their service users… and got a better night’s sleep.


Jo Maycock, Investing in Volunteers Programme Manager, NCVO


  • Charlotte Fielder, Head of Volunteering and Fostering, Battersea
  • Lisa Charalambous, Community Parter, LB Camden
  • Sara Cooney, Grant Manager London and Surrey, Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales
  • Zafer Kursun, Operations Manager, Derman

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