B6: Impact? I’m so over it

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It’s a good thing to be able to demonstrate the changes that you make as a result of your work. However, impact assessment is not a silver bullet. It’s not always appropriate, and some approaches to its assessment are unhelpful in the voluntary sector. What’s needed is a more nuanced understanding of how the voluntary sector can best demonstrate and maximise its impact.

In this provocative presentation, our panel will discuss:

  • The limitations of impact assessment
  • When impact assessment is appropriate and when it is not, and what approaches to impact assessment are useful, and when.
  • Why a focus on utilisation, focusing on why you want impact data, will suggest the approaches that you might use.
  • Why some approaches to impact don’t suit all funders or donors.
  • Why voluntary sector realities must be taken into account when thinking about impact assessment.

Why the voluntary sector needs to re-engage with the impact assessment debate, ensuring it meets their needs, and not just the needs of accountability or fundraising.


  • Enver Solomon, CEO, Just for Kids Law
  • Sally Cupitt, Head of NCVO Charities Evaluation Services
  • Sarah McCoy, Data, Evaluation and Research Manager, Depaul UK
  • Tamsin Shuker, Senior Head of Evaluation, Big Lottery

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