Working with volunteers to campaign

Volunteers are often crucial to the success of a campaign, and will help you to demonstrate grassroots support, but can organisations ensure their campaign volunteers are representative of their supporters and present an authentic voice? This session will provide an overview of how you can ensure your volunteers are representative and your voice is authentic.

Leading with lived experience

As charities, our purpose is to serve our beneficiaries, but how much genuine influence do they have on our policy and campaigns work? Are we able to say that we are authentically amplifying their voices and representing their needs if they do not sit at the centre of our work? This session will explore how lived experience can lead organisations’ policy development and campaigning, and how beneficiaries can get involved in a meaningful way.

Influencing government policy: keeping everyone from civil servants to special advisors on side

Do you ever wonder whether the way you’ve traditionally fed into government policy-making is the right way, or worried that you’ve not made the most out of a consultation or call for evidence submission? With experts from inside and outside government with plenty of experience of how best to influence policy, this workshop will help you focus your strategy and approach to influencing central government policy.

Making change happen locally

Change doesn’t just happen at a national level, and local campaigning and influencing is an essential element to many successful campaigns. This workshop will explore how bringing about change can work differently through local and regional decision-making bodies and include some useful tips and approaches to making change happen at a local level.

Making a manifesto

As we move into 2020, parties will want to set out an agenda looking beyond Brexit towards a scheduled election in 2022. How should charities seek to influence the long-term policy agenda through the manifesto process, and how can you effectively present your biggest policy objectives to secure cross-party agreement?

Finding the balance with storytelling

Sharing stories is part of gaining public interest. How do storytellers remain in charge of their narratives, whilst charities meet the demands of funding bodies? Why does storytelling matter and why does it work? With the Campaign bootcamp programmes team, learn how to get people to tell their stories on their own terms and create impact on a limited budget.

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