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Timeline of NCVO EDI work stream and communications

January 2020

EDI consultation commences, Pari Dhillon consultant

4 March 2020

EDI Journey blog post PART 1

4 March 2020

EDI Journey blog post PART 2


EDI consultation phase 1 complete

May 2020

EDI reports shared with SLT and board; workshops with Pari Dhillon

June 2020

EDI reports shared with management team

18 June 2020

BAME network reflections on ‘Home Truths’ report PART 1

18 June 2020

EDI working group reflections on ‘Home Truths’ report PART 2

14 July 2020

First EDI round-up blog post (now monthly)

7 July 2020

Staff receive EDI steering group report/combined letter

5 August 2020

Series of blog posts announcing conclusion of first phase of EDI consultation and recommendations (chair, CEO,)

5 August 2020

Series of blog posts reflecting on EDI work (BAME network, staff reflections, EDI group)


First meeting of EDI committee; meets fortnightly.

1 October 2020 EDI round-up blog post


NCVO restructure (pauses next stage of review and inquiry while completing restructure). Restructure embeds equality impact assessments, inclusive recruitment training and new practices adopted

26 November 2020

Statement by new chair, Dr Priya Singh

18 December 2020

EDI committee chair recruitment blog post

January 2021

EDI subcommittee chair recruitment

22 January 2021

EDI round-up blog post

4 February 2021

New strategy announcement

4 Feburary 2021

Internal comms re: EDI review outcome and next steps with inquiry.

5 Feburary 2021

Statement from NCVO board of trustees on NCVO EDI report

8 Feburary 2021

CEO blog post: NCVO’s EDI journey

April 2021

Added our name to the statement from the Runnymede Trust to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission

6 April 2021

Appointed a new Head of People and Culture

13 April 2021

Guest blog post: Where power lies: putting lived experience at the heart of decision-making

28 April 2021

EDI round-up blog post

26 May 2021

Appointed an interim independent chair of our EDI committee, Nazia Mirza (until October)

17 June 2021

CEO was panel member at Charity Comms event on The role of comms in building an anti-racist brand

July 2021

Issued an invitation to tender to organisations to support us with our trust and healing programme, to rebuild trust across the staff group

6 August 2021

Implemented a new whistleblowing policy

September 2021

Our new learning partner Leap began facilitating trust and healing workshops across the whole staff team

September 2021

Values work to embed the desired culture, starting with an all-staff day

NB. Charity Commission were provided with updates throughout the process.

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