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NCVO offers a number of publications which can be downloaded instantly from our website.

Volunteering Information Sheets: Insurance for volunteers

This Information Sheet explains the type of insurance that should be in place when dealing with volunteers. 

Volunteering Information Sheets: Monitoring and evaluating a volunteer programme

This Information Sheet provides guidance on the principles behind monitoring and evaluation, and why they are beneficial for voluntary organisations. 

Volunteering Information Sheets: Problem solving

This Information Sheet provides helpful advice on how to solve any problems with volunteers, whether someone has complained about a volunteer or if a volunteer makes a complaint. 

Volunteering Information Sheets: Recruiting volunteers with criminal records

This Information Sheet provides guidance for organisations that are approached by a potential volunteer who has a criminal record, and for those organisations that work with offenders or ex-offenders.

Volunteering Information Sheets: Saying

Events and gestures can help maintain volunteer loyalty and increase retention levels, which in turn benefits the organisation and the people it is there to serve. This Information Sheet provides suggestions on ways to say 'thank you' to your volunteers. 

Volunteering Information Sheets: Supporting volunteers through bereavement in their role

This Information Sheet provides suggestions on how to support volunteers through bereavement during their voluntary work. 

Volunteering Information Sheets: Volunteer drivers

There are several issues to consider when using volunteer drivers. This Information Sheet covers driver and vehicle safety, insurance and other relevant issues. 

Volunteering Information Sheets: Volunteer-friendly words

This Information Sheet contains a list of suggested words to help volunteer-involving organisations with developing a clear set of vocabulary related to working with volunteers.

Volunteering Information Sheets: Volunteering expenses

This Information Sheet explains why it's best to reimburse any expenses that volunteers encounter in their work, which expenses to reimburse, and how to reimburse volunteers. 

Volunteering Information Sheets: Volunteers and Copyright

Who owns the copyright if a volunteer creates content for an organisation? This Information Sheet provides advice and guidance on copyright and how it applies to volunteers. 

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