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NCVO offers a number of publications which can be downloaded instantly from our website.

The Road Ahead

Our annual review of the forces and trends that will shape the future of the voluntary sector.

Training peer mentors or peer supporters in schools and colleges (PDF)

Designed to support initial training for peer supporters, this toolkit contains a full training package to help you develop your students' skills and knowledge to be effective peer mentors or peer supporters.

£ 15.00
Training volunteer mentors or befrienders (PDF)

If you're planning and delivering your mentor or befriender volunteer training, this training toolkit – packed with over 20 hours of interactive learning activities – has all you need to prepare volunteers to become effective mentors and befrienders.

£ 15.00
Transforming Lives: Examining the positive impact of mentoring and befriending

A report on the positive impact that mentoring and befriending can have on people who are facing challenges in their lives.

Trustee Recruitment for Small Organisations

Developed with small voluntary organisations in mind, this guide will help you find, recruit, induct and keep trustees.

£ 12.00
Volunteering Impact Assessment Toolkit (resource pack)

A downloadable resource pack that accompanies the Volunteering Impact Assessment Toolkit.

£ 36.00
Volunteering Information Sheets: Avoiding creating employment contracts

This Information Sheet explains why inadvertently granting employment rights to volunteers can be problematic, and provides suggestions for reducing the risks of creating a contract.

Volunteering Information Sheets: Data protection and volunteers

This Information Sheet provides advice and guidance on how to adhere to the Data Protection Act.

Volunteering Information Sheets: Disclosure and Barring Service


This information sheet covers the purpose of a DBS check, how to work out when one is needed, and what constitutes 'Regulated Activity'.

The sheet also provides practical information on how to get a DBS check and how to make volunteering easy and safe.



Volunteering Information Sheets: Health and safety for volunteers

An Information Sheet that looks at the legal obligations that organisations have towards volunteers, covering duty of care, health and safety basic principles and more.

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