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NCVO offers a number of publications which can be downloaded instantly from our website.

A Guide to Scenario Planning for Voluntary Organisations

A guide to developing a view of alternative futures in order to craft a resilient strategy for your organisation.

£ 6.98
A Synthesis of Published Research on Youth Mentoring and Befriending

This review, by Dr Kate Philip and Jenny Spratt of the University of Aberdeen, brings together evidence about research and practice in youth mentoring and befriending in the UK. It highlights both positive and negative findings on the value of these interventions.

APS Good Practice Examples for Projects Working in the Justice Sector

A document that enables mentoring projects working in the justice sector to look at specific examples of how other projects have implemented the Approved Provider Standard.

Automatic enrolment

Meeting your pension duties as an employer - Updated April 2015

£ 6.98
Befriending Works: Building resilience in local communities

A report that provides an overview of how befriending can contribute to improving the health and wellbeing outcomes of vulnerable people at risk of social isolation or exclusion from mainstream society.

Governance Wheel

The Governance Wheel is a quick and helpful way for boards of voluntary organisations to get a sense of how well they function and fulfil their roles.

Guide to Insuring Your Voluntary Organisation

A guide to what insurance is most commonly available and which is most relevant to you.

How to Find a Mentor or Befriender

Signposting information for anyone looking to find a mentor or befriender for themselves or someone they know.

Lobbying Act template board paper

This template board paper sets out the legal requirements of the Lobbying Act and what you need to consider in your planned campaign activity during the regulated


£ 6.98
Monitoring and evaluating outcomes in mentoring and befriending (PDF)

If you're new to monitoring and evaluation or are already monitoring some aspects of your work, this toolkit will give you practical step-by-step guidance to evaluating the outcomes of your work.

£ 15.00
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