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Is Your Campaign Making a Difference?

Author: Jim Coe and Ruth Mayne
Publication date: 04-01-2008
Edition: 1
ISBN: 978-0-7199-1764-6
Publisher: NCVO
Number of pages: 137
Format: Paperback
NCVO Members Only:
Is Your Campaign Making a Difference?

Campaigners are often passionate and action-orientated, and frequently under-resourced.

For many, assessment, monitoring and evaluation may seem like an unaffordable or an unwelcome mechanism of control. But simple and effective monitoring and evaluation can, if implemented well, become a powerful tool for social and political change.

This new book will show you how monitoring and evaluation can provide vital political intelligence, empower the communities that you campaign for, and enable you to give an account of your campaign's effectiveness and impact to maintain and increase political and public support.

'As a regional charity run by and for disabled people, it's vital we know if the campaigns we run are having the impact we hope for, and whether they are helping us achieve our vision of improving the everyday lives of disabled people in Essex and beyond. We're only just starting out on the path of evaluating our work, but to have this book as a reference and guide  and especially to have concrete examples of how to do it, both in depth and more simply  is a great support.'

Rich Watts, Director of Operations, Essex Coalition of Disabled People

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