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Volunteer management

Volunteering Information Sheets: Visas and volunteering

Can anyone volunteer? This Information Sheet provides advice and guidance on visas, and who is eligible for volunteering in the UK. 

Volunteering Information Sheets: Volunteer drivers

There are several issues to consider when using volunteer drivers. This Information Sheet covers driver and vehicle safety, insurance and other relevant issues. 

Volunteering Information Sheets: Volunteer-friendly words

This Information Sheet contains a list of suggested words to help volunteer-involving organisations with developing a clear set of vocabulary related to working with volunteers.

Volunteering Information Sheets: Volunteering expenses

This Information Sheet explains why it's best to reimburse any expenses that volunteers encounter in their work, which expenses to reimburse, and how to reimburse volunteers. 

Volunteering Information Sheets: Volunteers and stress

This Information Sheet advises on the best way to help recognise when volunteers are suffering from stress, and how you can help them cope with stressful situations. 

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