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NCVO Members Quick Guide to Better Boards

This guide was produced for NCVO members

Author: NCVO
Publication date: 06-12-2013
Edition: 1
Publisher: NCVO
Number of pages: 7
Format: PDF
NCVO Members Only:
NCVO Members Quick Guide to Better Boards

Whether you're a small community group or an international charity, the role of your trustees is to meet regularly and have the final say on strategic decisions.

This is a huge responsibility, and a lot to expect from people who may lead very busy lives, and who only meet every few months. That's why it's important for trustees and senior staff to regularly review and improve the way that trustees are recruited and trained, and the systems through which they govern the organisation.

This Quick Guide gives you expert advice on reviewing your organisation's governance, and signposts to further help and support.

Free to download for all NCVO members.

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