Members' Assembly

The Members’ Assembly meetings complement the work of the NCVO trustee board involving NCVO members in our work by:

  • contributing to the development of new and emerging thinking on public policy issues
  • providing input, information and advice as public policy positions are developed.

NCVO members attending the meetings consider, debate and advise the trustee board on policy matters and wider issues affecting the sector. The trustee board is committed to considering the full views expressed at the Members' Assembly meetings by our members.

Meeting our members on a planned basis and engaging with them face-to-face is core to our work as a membership organisation.

Meeting timetable

28 June 2018 Exeter tbc
20 March 2018 Sheffield tbc
2 February 2018 Newcastle Major changes facing charities this year: Charity Commission charging and a new strategy by the OCS
20 November 2017 London, NCVO Charity Commission charging and changes to Annual Returns. NCVO’s Annual General Meeting will be held alongside this meeting
28 September 2017 Leicester Charity Governance – the new Code of Good Governance and next steps
15 June 2017 Liverpool What does the general election mean for charities?
28 February 2017 Cambridge The future of charity governance

NCVO members can listen to a recording of the last Members' Assembly in London.


The meetings will be chaired by a trustee. NCVO members are expected to engage in discussion and debate, informed by the role they play within the voluntary sector. Meetings of the Assembly will be conducted using a range of methods, including digital ones, to make it easier for all voices to be heard. We aim to be innovative and inclusive.

There will be six meetings each year, held in different locations, aiming to reach all nine regions in less than two years to ensure all regions get an equal say in shaping our work.

Meetings are open to all NCVO members, encouraging a diversity of views. Members have the opportunity to:

  • explore an issue that the NCVO policy team want feedback on
  • hear the latest from our policy team
  • input thoughts to help shape our public policy work
  • meet other NCVO members and network over a free lunch.

Contact us

Should you have any enquiries about the Member's Assembly please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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