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Sir John Major's speech at the 18th annual Hinton lecture on 10 November 2015.

On 12 October the Minister for Civil Society, Rob Wilson MP and Sir Stuart Etherington co-hosted a meeting to discuss the implementation of the recommendations of Sir Stuart Etherington’s Review of Charity Fundraising Self-Regulation. The meeting was attended by key stakeholders in the sector including the Charity Commission, current regulators and representatives from charities.

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) and the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (ACEVO) have agreed to work together to promote the positive impact of the voluntary sector. The decision was taken at a meeting last week of the chairs, vice-chairs and chief executives of the two umbrella organisations. This work is now underway.

Sir Stuart Etherington’s speech on local infrastructure, delivered at the Big Assist Beacon awards in Manchester on Monday 5 October 2015.

First of all can I thank you Alex for the opportunity to co-host this evening’s event and also for the great work GMCVO is doing in Manchester as the opportunities and challenges of devolution grow in the region.

Responding to the announcement by the Minister for Civil Society, Sir Stuart Etherington, chair of the cross party review of fundraising regulation and chief executive of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations said:

"I’m pleased the government has accepted our recommendations, there is a clear need for a more visible and effective regulator with tough new powers. The public have to know where to report their concerns and have confidence that action will be taken in relation to wrong doing. This will inevitably mean big changes in relation to how charities raise funds from the public.

New ‘Fundraising Preference Service’ for public to get off mailing lists

The body charged with regulating fundraising must be closed down and replaced with a more effective outfit with tougher sanctions, a review of the self-regulatory system has recommended.

Charities have not seen the recovery experienced by the economy overall, a new report today shows (PDF, 830kb).

While the rest of the economy has grown, the charity sector's income has flat-lined since 2009.

On current projections, charities will be faced with a £4.6bn shortfall in income by 2018/19 - the result of cuts to government contract and grant income, tepid growth in donations from the public, and inflation.

Monday 29 June

New guidance on managing and governing fundraising is to be produced in the light of recent public concern about some charity fundraising tactics.

Commenting on the National Audit Office report on the government's use of payment-by-results schemes, Karl Wilding, policy director at the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, which represents charities, said:

'Our own research found charities thought payment-by-results contracts were often being used because they were political 'flavour of the month' rather than because they were appropriate for the service being delivered.

Charity sector income and expenditure continued to flatline in 2012/13, new data published today by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations showed (1). The figures represent a continuation of the recent trend in the charity sector economy, which has plateaued at a level slightly below the peak it reached in 2007/8 after several years of rapid growth.

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