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Press releases

A national programme enables Volunteer Centre Camden (VCC) to try out an innovative way of supporting resource strapped volunteer involving organisations and at the same time, helps increase the employability of individual volunteers.

Public funding for charities could be 12% lower by 2017/18, according to new analysis from NCVO. The forecast suggests public funding for the sector could be £1.7bn lower in 2017/18 than it was in 2010/11, the latest year for which data is available.

Many of England’s volunteer centres faced a substantial hit to their income in the last financial year, new data from NCVO shows.

Voluntary Action Sheffield has developed materials to demonstrate to potential volunteers the positive impact that volunteering can have on their CVs in cases where they may have been unemployed for some time or have limited or no relevant work experience in the field in which they wish to work.

New data released today shows the powerful effect that high inflation had on charity sector finances in recent years. The UK Civil Society Almanac 2013, published by NCVO, examines charities’ accounts for financial year 2010/11.

NCVO today announces its current head of policy, research and foresight, Karl Wilding, has been appointed director of public policy, to succeed Ben Kernighan who leaves to become chief executive of NUS in June.

Local charities must get a say in setting the priorities for local European funding, NCVO Chief Executive Sir Stuart Etherington said today, following the publication today of government guidance that sets out how priorities for European funding will be set locally (1). 

A new Code of Practice published today by NCVO aims to improve the relationships between prime and subcontractors in public services.

A European equivalent of the UK’s Compact agreement between government and the voluntary sector is within sight of becoming a reality, European charity leaders heard yesterday.

Over £100,000 in awards has gone to the first recipients of support from the new Big Assist programme. The awards, which averaged £5,000 in this round, are intended to give infrastructure organisations access to support and advice to help become more effective, efficient and sustainable. The awards are in the form of vouchers that can be spent with a wide range of support providers.

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