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Sector bodies come together to create fundraising guidance

Monday 29 June

New guidance on managing and governing fundraising is to be produced in the light of recent public concern about some charity fundraising tactics.

The guidance will aim to help trustees and chief executives strike the right balance in fundraising. It is intended to complement the Charity Commission’s guidance, CC20 – Charities and fundraising.

It will be produced by a group of representatives from the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (ACEVO), the Institute of Fundraising, and Charity Finance Group, and will have input from the Charity Commission.

Karl Wilding, director of public policy at NCVO, said:

"The methods of fundraisers will inevitably be shaped by the values and the strategy of the organisation they’re working in. Boards can’t demand the ends without taking some responsibility for the means. 

"Our guidance will help boards and chief executives ensure they know what the consequences of certain fundraising demands and techniques are. It will provide advice on how to strike the balance between their responsibility to generate funds and their responsibility to act ethically and uphold their reputation.

”Creating this guidance is one of a number of steps the sector must take to help secure trust in fundraising.”

Asheem Singh, director of public policy at ACEVO, said:

“Those who care about charities want to see more fundraising, not less. And that’s why, as fundraising finds itself subject to scrutiny, it is right that charity representatives from across the board have come together to protect its integrity and produce this guidance.

“A charity’s fundraising techniques create reputational implications, not only for the fundraising team, but for the whole organisation. Our guidance will help chief executives and boards be in the loop and on top of the methods and techniques their fundraisers deploy.

“I’m looking forward to working with colleagues from across the sector to make this happen. This is the right initiative involving the right people at the right time.”

Andrew O’Brien, head of policy and public affairs at Charity Finance Group, said:

“Boards and senior leadership teams need to understand the regulatory environment and how best to implement the rules. This is the right time to produce guidance which can strengthen understanding and empower boards and senior leaders. Rule setting is just one side of the coin, of course, we also need effective compliance.”

Ceri Edwards, director of policy and communications at the Institute of Fundraising, said:

“Effective fundraising is vital to the continuing good health of the charity sector, and providing the right guidance and support to trustees and chairs to make sure they understand not only their responsibilities around fundraising, but also are able to work with fundraising teams to understand the challenges they face, is critical. We hope that by developing this new guidance, trustees will be able to ensure their charity continues to make a significant impact in the work that they do while also showing fundraising leadership to their causes.”

NCVO will act as secretariat for the group.

For further information, please contact the NCVO press office.

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