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Labour party manifesto – NCVO comment

Commenting on the Labour party general election manifesto published today, Nick Davies, public services manager at NCVO, said:

'We're very pleased to see support for public service providers paying the Living Wage. In our manifesto we said organisations delivering public services ought to be able to pay their staff the Living Wage.

'In this area, like others though, we haven't seen much detail yet. This may be to be expected from manifestos that more than ever will be considered starting points for coalition negotiations.

'Charities make a huge contribution to health and social care services at the moment. We await details of the NHS preferred provider proposals, but it would be a great shame if concerns about private sector involvement limited the positive contribution charities make to the NHS.

'Labour is right that procurement contracts need to be more accessible for SMEs. Given more than 99% of charities are SMEs, it is important that they are given a voice in the proposed Small Business Administration.

'We welcome the commitment to extend transparency in outsourced public services. However, proposals will need to be carefully designed to prevent an unnecessary financial and administrative burden being placed on voluntary sector providers.'

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