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Charity Commission powers and funding announcement

Responding to today’s announcement of new funding and legislation to strengthen the Charity Commission, Karl Wilding, director of public policy, said:

'It's been clear for some time that the Charity Commission's enforcement work has not been as strong as it could be. We also know that it has struggled to deal with routine queries from charities in a prompt manner. This investment and its plans to revamp its work are very welcome and we believe they have the potential to make a significant difference. It's crucial we have an effective regulator that deals quickly with any poor practice to help ensure the public can continue to trust charities.

'We supported the Commission's call for additional powers to help it deal with poor practice. We'll examine the legislative proposals to make sure they strike the right balance between giving the Commission the powers it needs to deal with serious problems, while respecting individual charities' right to make their own decisions about how best to run themselves.'


Additional background on our response to the government consultation on additional powers for the Commission is available in Elizabeth Chamberlain's blog post.

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