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NAO report on the Work Programme - NCVO comment

Oliver Henman, head of partnerships and international at NCVO, said:

‘The Work Programme isn’t working well for anyone. Prime contractors have had their income hit because referrals to the programme have been lower than expected. They have squeezed their subcontractors, many of which are specialist voluntary organisations, whose income is now a quarter lower than expected.

‘We also learn from today’s report that less is now being spent on the hardest-to-help than on those who need a lower level of help. Meanwhile, the government is paying out millions for work that hasn’t been done. All of this is down to the poor design of the programme, which clearly needs a substantial overhaul to meet the needs of those with the greatest barriers to employment.’


NCVO will shortly be publishing its own report and recommendations on the future of the Work Programme to harness the expertise of the voluntary sector in order to better support vulnerable job seekers.


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