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EU manifesto, Towards a More Open Europe

NCVO has today (7 March) set out its vision for reform and renewal in Europe through its manifesto, Towards a More Open Europe. Elections to the European Parliament will take place on 22 May.

Following extensive engagement with members and partners through the European Funding Network, NCVO is setting out a range of practical recommendations that would allow for a more open and accountable European Union. These recommendations will be promoted to all candidates for the European elections and will provide a basis for members to identify specific changes.

Sir Stuart Etherington, Chief Executive of NCVO, said, 

"As Europe emerges from the financial crisis, there is now an opportunity to reshape Europe for the better, making it closer and more responsive to those it is intended to serve: its citizens.

Civil society has a role to play in addressing many of the problems facing the UK and other countries across Europe. EU rules influence our activities and the way in which we can respond to these challenges.
It is crucial that they provide a supportive environment, rather than a barrier to getting things done.

We want to see renewal of EU spending to effectively focus resources on inclusive growth that addresses the most urgent social and environmental goals; simplified EU regulation to ensure that EU rules benefit rather than hinder voluntary organisations; and reform of the EU’s institutions to improve dialogue and accountability."

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