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Overhaul of sector’s most popular digital tool adds major new sections on service design, data protection and security

The charity sector’s most popular digital benchmarking tool, the digital maturity matrix, has undergone a major overhaul, adding new sections on security and data protection and on using user research to design better content and services.

The revised version is launched today.

Already used by over 800 charities, the tool helps organisations to set goals in different areas of digital strategy and track progress against them. It helps identify gaps in their capabilities and processes, prioritise areas for development and benchmark themselves against other organisations. It can also act as a regular reporting mechanism for senior managers and trustees.

NCVO took on responsibility for the tool in 2017, after it was initially developed and launched by Breast Cancer Care’s digital team in 2016. The new version follows consultation with a group of around 60 charity technical and content experts over the last six months.

The new version increases the focus on user-centred approaches, leadership and strategy, while a complete re-write has ensured the content is easy to understand for organisations at all levels of expertise. In response to user feedback, the new version includes notes fields to add explanations to answers or create action plans.

Karl Wilding, director of public policy at NCVO, said:

With the public having higher and higher expectations of how they can interact with charities of all kinds, there are very few organisations where progressing digital capabilities shouldn’t be a regular item on the board agenda.

But getting an accurate grip on where you stand as an organisation in making the most of digital opportunities can be challenging. It’s hard to know what you don’t know and to compare yourself to other organisations.

The digital maturity matrix lets senior managers and board members track their progress. It helps leaders understand what good looks like and where the biggest gains can be made in their organisation.

This tool is the standard for assessment in this area and it’s a practical accompaniment to the charity digital code’s aspirational framework. By using common benchmarking and sharing results across different organisations, together we can strengthen the whole sector’s digital skillset.


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