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NCVO comment on Charity Commission 2018-2023 strategy

Commenting on the publication of the Charity Commission's statement of strategic intent, Peter Kellner, chair of NCVO, said:

Baroness Stowell is right to demand the highest standards from charities. The great majority that maintain those standards feel betrayed when a small minority fall short. The Commission deserves support for its efforts to provide a clear regulatory framework and a focus on where things go wrong.

It is equally important to celebrate the range, diversity and impact of Britain’s charities. Every year they make a big difference in every community, both in what they do and how they do it. The British people continue to be generous because they appreciate the positive work that charities undertake. Indeed we should remain proud that Britain’s charities retain a level of trust that many other national institutions can only dream of.

Nevertheless, as Baroness Stowell says, those levels of trust have seen a modest decline. It needs to be reversed. To help achieve this, NCVO will soon publish a code of ethics for the charity sector, to build upon our popular and rigorous quality standards that already underpin many charities’ work. We have also helped develop a strong, clear charity governance code.

For our part, NCVO accepts the challenge to help charities do more, and do it better. We look forward to working with the Commission to build stronger charities.

Read the Charity Commission's statement of strategic intent 2018 - 2023.

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