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NCVO: two-year term means chances for charities to change policy

NCVO says the unusual two-year parliamentary session and the arithmetic of a hung parliament means there will be significant scrutiny of legislation, giving charities an opportunity to influence in areas that matter to them.

Chris Walker, senior public affairs consultant at NCVO, said:

It’s clear that lack of an outright majority is going to make this a tough parliamentary session for the government, where it will have to fight tooth and nail to get its agenda through.

This means that there are big opportunities for charities to influence both the terms of debate and the legislation that is passed.

Writing on NCVO’s website, Chris Walker said:

It is likely that a significant amount of time will be given over to MPs and peers to discuss the detail of Brexit legislation so this could provide an opportunity for charities to really influence the detail. Following the election, few votes will be a formality in the way they would have been in a parliament with a strong government majority, and given the commitment to allow proper scrutiny, it’s likely parliament will seek to assert itself.

It’s particularly worth looking out for votes on programme motions, which set out how much time MPs will have to debate individual bills – MPs often argue they don’t have enough time to scrutinise legislation, but this time they may vote to give themselves more.

For further details, read Chris Walker’s blog post.

To arrange an interview with Chris Walker or for further information, contact Stephanie Clark, NCVO Senior External Relations Officer.

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