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Independence Panel - NCVO response

Responding to the latest report from the Panel on the Independence of the Voluntary Sector , Deputy CEO of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, Ben Kernighan said:

"The report is a welcome contribution to the debate. It’s right that we keep a close eye on relationships between charities and the state.

"The panel rightly highlighted gagging clauses as an area of tension. This is something our members expressed deep concern about in Work Programme contracts. We’re pleased the government has now clarified the intention of these clauses but we continue to watch the issue closely.

"The government’s commitment to the Compact is welcome, though it’s clear that better monitoring is needed in some areas, especially in the contexts of major public service reforms and budget cuts.

"Many charities enjoy positive relationships with Government at all levels – whether they are delivering a service or representing the people they work for. It’s right that charities can continue to advise and challenge government, whatever their funding arrangements."

Visit the Independence Panel website.

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