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Kids Company Public Accounts Committee report – NCVO comment

Commenting on the PAC report on Kids Company, Karl Wilding, director of public policy at the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, said:

This report will make extremely frustrating reading for the thousands of charities who have to submit highly detailed plans in order to have a hope of funding, and who work very hard to produce honest and accurate assessments of the difference they make.

Successive governments threw money at Kids Company at the same time as they were making life harder for other charities. Local and national government have been imposing complex contracts on many of the charities they contract with in the name of efficiency, but these are often so unwieldy that they create more problems than they solve. Ironically, when it’s done right, grant-funding for charities to deliver public services can be excellent value for money.

More government transparency on outsourcing would be very welcome – but not just charities – we have very little data on how the money that goes into big private sector outsourcing companies is spent, for example in the work programme.

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