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NCVO's meetings with MPs and peers

We routinely meet with members of parliament and the civil service as part of our work championing the voluntary sector.

In the interests of transparency, we publish a register of meetings at which NCVO business is discussed with:

  • ministers
  • MPs and peers
  • permanent secretaries, director generals or equivalent
  • special advisors.

We also publish details of phone calls with the above if they are substantive discussions. We update the register on a quarterly basis.

If you have questions or feedback about the register, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




NCVO attendees


10 January 2019 Lord Howard Leigh Peer Sir Stuart Etherington  
15 January 2019 Sarah Atkinson Director of policy, planning and communications Karl Wilding Catch up
28 January 2019 Tracey Crouch MP Sir Stuart Etherington and Peter Kellner  
31 January 2019 Hannah Rignell and Alex Daley OCS Karl Wilding and Shaun Delany  
1 February 2019 Farida Leander DExEU Karl Wilding  
4 Febuary 2019 Lord Toby Harris Peer Sir Stuart Etherington and Peter Kellner Phone call
18 February 2019 Tony Cohen Board Member, Charity Comission Sir Stuart Etherington and Elizatbeth Chamberlin  
25 February 2019 Dame Mary Marsh Peer Karl Wilding  
26 February 2019 Ben Harrison Senior Policy Advisor at DCMS Elizabeth Chamberlain  
4 March 2019 Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson Peer Sir Stuart Etherington  
13 March 2019 Jeremy Wright and Mims Davies MP Secretary of State DCMS and Minister for Sport and Civil Society Karl Wilding Roundtable civil society strategy
27 March 2019 Neil Pratt, Julia Grant, Simon Burns, Andy Haldane Bank of England Karl Wilding  
27 March 2019 APPG Charities and Volunteering: Diversity in leadership      
12 April 2019 Maria Nyberg Deputy Director for Sector Support, OCS Karl Wilding  
10 May 2019 Rob Wilson MP Sir Stuart Etherington  
15 May 2019 David Knott Director of OCS Karl Wilding  
20 May 2019 David Knott Director of OCS Sir Stuart Etherington and Karl Wilding
21 May 2019 Mims Davies MP Sir Stuart Etherington Time off for trustees
21 May 2019 Volunteers week photo opportunity      
29 May 2019 Stephen Barclay Secretary of State DExEU Sir Stuart Etherington, Ben Westerman  
14 June 2019 Georgia Hutchinson and Laura Kennedy DCMS Sir Stuart Etherington, Elizabeth Chamberlain Review of fundraising regulator
26 June 2019 APPG Charities and Volunteering: Volunteering in public services      
27 June 2019 Stephen Barclay Secretary of State DExEU Sir Stuart Etherington, Karl Wilding, Ben Westerman  



The 2013 register does not include attendees at the All Party Parliamentary Group on Civil Society and Volunteering, which NCVO provides support for and which is always attended by NCVO staff.

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