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How 2 dilapidated classrooms in remote Malawi transformed into fully self-sufficient school with sustainable aid model 

Love Support Unite is a grassroots charity that partners with communities in Malawi to break the cycle of poverty through sustainable development, offering “a leg-up rather than a hand-out”.

It runs community-based projects, using sustainable infrastructure and resources, including clean water and energy. It creates self-sufficiency and food security, breaking reliance on aid and disrupting the cycle of poverty.

Impact includes:

  • Helped local communities to build 4x primary school blocks • 3x collegelet blocks • 1x outdoor classroom • 1x nursery school
  • 30,000 patients helped, including 10,649 malaria tests and life saving treatments
  • 60,000 meals served sustainably each year
  • 10,168 children given access to education via teach to teach programme
  • 600 primary school children given access to education
  • 695 Mothers trained in mother and infant health

One project has transformed two dilapidated classrooms in one of the poorest, famine-ravaged rural communities in Malawi into a fully self-sufficient and thriving school with its own farm growing food to feed its pupils and generating enough income to buy teaching materials, employ farm labourers and create a community hub offering a range of educational and wellbeing courses.

Contact: Gayle Berry – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 07988814393

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