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Helping disadvantaged young people to access university

The Access Project runs a programme of in-school mentoring and academic tuition by volunteers for 14-18 year olds from disadvantaged backgrounds to help them secure university places.

Students going to an Access Project school are twice as likely to secure a place at a top university than students at a similar school. On average, their students make an extra 9 months academic progress as a result of 1-2-1 academic tuition, and are twice as likely as students with the same A level grades  to secure a place at university. 

Case study? A student at school in North London who was performing at C grade level, felt she wasn’t good enough to go to Oxford, and had no family or friends who had been to university. With support, she raised her average grade from a C to an A, applied to and secured a place at Oxford.

Contact: Sally Dobson – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; 0203960 6592

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