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The woman who averted suicide and now saves the lives of others

Suicide Crisis provides innovative services for people who are at risk of suicide, including 24 hour face to face crisis support. It was set up by Joy Hibbins following a traumatic experience of her own which she said showed her that a different type of service was needed for people who were at risk of suicide.

Joy set up a Trauma Centre in May 2013 in Gloucester to provide support to help prevent a person from going into crisis. She then opened a Suicide Crisis Centre in autumn 2013 with a small team providing crisis care. They also go out to people’s homes She has never yet lost a client to suicide. She often goes beyond even what her charity was set up to do, helping clients in their dealings with the NHS, social services or the court system, and also supporting people outside Gloucestershire (sometimes even abroad) who contact her online or by phone. She is a volunteer, and all the people she works with are volunteers too.

The national lead on suicide prevention at Public Health England is one of many people who have described the charity’s work as “inspiring”, and Joy has also given evidence to the Parliamentary Health Select Committee.

Contact: Joy Hibbins – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; 07889 420 200

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