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Helping disadvantaged children and young people overcome barriers to education

School-Home Support helps disadvantaged children and young people overcome barriers to education.  It works with children, teachers, local authorities and families tackling home issues that are preventing school attendance.

The support work can involve referral (to services such as counselling), helping to secure funds for something practical like a washing machine (if a child isn’t attending as they cannot wash their uniform), helping parents apply for housing or disability benefits, or getting police or social services involved in cases of abuse or domestic violence.

School-Home Support run a new initiative – Ready for School – aimed at supporting parents with the transition from nursery or home to primary school, and from primary school to secondary school. Courses on school transition already exist but these ones are novel as they’re aimed at parents rather than children as parental engagement is the key to educational attainment.

School-Home Support point to the research showing how parental engagement makes a huge difference to children’s attainment throughout their entire school lives. So they think getting parents involved early on sets up that effective, long-term parental engagement. ( They hope this is a course which will help children for their entire school lives.

School-Home Support also do other work to support families and school children to ensure they stay at school. Eg. Spotting troubled schoolkids and intervening early. See case studies here:

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