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Singing and dancing for homeless people to build confidence & improve mental health and wellbeing

Streetwise Opera offers weekly singing and acting workshops in London, Manchester, Newcastle/Gateshead, Nottingham and Middlesbrough and gives participants the opportunity to take part in opera productions alongside professionals. 95% of participants say their mental health has improved, 79% are enjoying life more.

They also provide opportunities to watch performing arts for free and to volunteer in the arts sector. They say their work also means audiences and the professional artists they partner with see their own expectations of people who are homeless defied. 

Case study - Three years ago, John was homeless and struggling with alcohol addiction. On the recommendation of a recovery project, he decided to try Streetwise Opera. John held a principal role in one of our major productions. He feels that joining Streetwise Opera was “one of the most pivotal, crucial opportunities to come along, at a time when it was desperately needed. It has been absolutely vital in shaping the kind of life I have now, and my dreams and hopes. The message Streetwise Opera put across, through their support, is that they believe in you.” 

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