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The befriending project connecting young Muslims with older non-Muslims that's tackling social isolation and building community bridges

Kumon Y'all  is a West Yorkshire charity that's working to bring people together across communities. Projects have included a successful befriending project connecting young Muslims with older, non-Muslims, getting teenagers tidying up the grounds at a residential home for elderly people to getting young people helping West Yorkshire Police in delivering crime prevention leaflets 

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One project in partiucular, which enabled at young Muslims to befriend older and socially isolated non-Muslims in a predominantly white area, has been evaluated by the Equality and Human Rights Commission. 

This qualitative evaluation is part of an Equality and Human Rights Commission project that aims to ‘lift the floor’ on what works in tackling prejudice, discrimination, and identity-based violence and harassment in Britain by robustly evaluating promising interventions and improving the evidence base. The evaluation tests the effectiveness of Kumon Y’all’s befriending project, where a group of young Muslims have engaged with older non-Muslim residents in a community with which they would otherwise have very limited interaction. These include older people living in a residential complex and those involved in local clubs and associations in Thornhill, an area of Dewsbury with a predominantly White British population. This small-scale evaluation has found evidence that community-based actions that bring together people from different faith and race groups can address misconceptions and begin to challenge prejudice. The Kumon Y’all befriending project directly addresses the social isolation many older people experience, and the active support from young Muslims living locally to the project in Savile Town, an area of Dewsbury, suggests that this model could easily be replicated in other locations. Even so, engaging and building trust with older people can take some time and durable outcomes may require extended support.

Full report here

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