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Tackling racism with the spoken word

Aik Saath – Together As One – is a peer-led organisation for young people, striving to make the future a safer, more cohesive place. It delivers anti- racism and community cohesion talks to schools and young people. Established originally due to tensions within the Asian community between young Sikhs and Muslims in Slough, has evolved to work with the whole community. It works with people from all communities, faiths and backgrounds to promote and encourage conflict resolution and community cohesion through training, campaigns and projects.

Aik Saath runs a spoken word collective called Empoword made up of local young people which delivers performances around Slough in pop-up venues. It brings together a really diverse groups of people spanning different religions and ages, from young children to elderly people. Participants will read out something they’ve written, it could be anything from having a broken heart to a matter of their faith. Sometimes the events are themed.

Here a couple of videos from Empoword’s YouTube channel:

Contact: Rob Deeks; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; 07919575476 

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