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Constructive Voices in collaboration

Are you a charity wanting to link up with the journalists of tomorrow? Are you a journalism lecturer in need of ‘real people’ for your students to practise their interview skills? We can help.

City University

Constructive Voices has established collaborations with journalism colleges and university departments in London, the Midlands and the North West – with more in the pipeline. We arrange for spokespeople and beneficiaries of charities and social enterprises to participate in interview practice sessions with journalism students.

Those who’ve taken part have found it really helpful. The interviewees acquire useful experience of being grilled and receive valuable feedback afterwards from the students and tutors on how they’ve performed. The students get to practise their interviewing skills, acquire story ideas which may be published and make useful contacts for the future. It’s a win-win.


Read how the City of Wolverhampton College students wrote up the story of one interviewee

Read what interviewees from a social enterprise resettling refugees made of the experience

Want to get involved?

If you’re a charity or social enterprise, make sure you’re signed up to Constructive Voices and you’ll receive our emails alerting you when journalism colleges let us know the dates they’ll be holding their sessions.

If you’re from a journalism college or department, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with Constructive Voices in Collaboration in the subject line and we’ll get the process started.

City of Wolverhampton College

What you’ve said about the interview sessions

The journalism lecturers

It went brilliantly – the interviewees were fantastic. At the end of each session we held a debriefing session with everyone and some really good and useful pointers came out. We’ll be making it a regular event.

We had a news day where I sprung it on the students that we had guests coming in and it went very well. They have produced three stories, each with pictures and video.

We used the interviewees individually and held mini-press conferences, then Q&As, followed by feedback on their performance and advice from the students and me on how to present stories more attractively to journalists.

The students are in groups of two or three, one asks the questions, the other shoots, then they swap round. Guests do multiple interviews - perhaps up to five. The feedback is done in discussion format in the TV studio with everyone taking part.

The interviewees

The students were very professional, and I got asked some very good questions. It was great interview practice for me to have.

A really useful morning, lovely and professional students, and we got to try filing in a variety of locations (outside, in, busy, quiet, standing up, sitting down) which I personally found helpful.

I came to understand the interview process better from a news-gathering perspective and saw how to articulate our message more effectively and make what we do come to life

Every small charity that means business should avail themselves of this facility.

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