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Briefing to MPs on the impact of a second lockdown on the voluntary sector

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As the country enters a second lockdown, charities across the country are facing increasing pressures of higher demand with dwindling resources.

While the government’s £750m support package for the sector was an important start, and charities have also benefited from additional government support schemes, the capacity of charities to act in a second lockdown and contribute towards our eventual recovery has been significantly reduced.

The Job Retention Scheme allowed charities a degree of financial stability, but for some charities on the front line, it has meant having to choose between securing their own financial stability or stepping up their frontline response.

Impact of covid-19 on the charity sector

Research by Pro Bono Economics in June, estimated a £10bn funding gap across the sector over the next six months. The combination of increased demand and lost income has now left charities less able to fulfil their charitable purposes.

New research published only last week shows that there is likely to be a significant decrease in both the number of charities and the capacity of charities that remain, with 10% of charities saying they are likely to close, and 80% predicting a negative impact on delivering their planned objectives.

Additional findings include:

  • Finance: 2 in 5 (39%) voluntary organisations report that their financial position had deteriorated in the last month.
  • Demand for services: More than half (56%) of respondents expect demand for their services to increase over the next month.
  • Safety: 60% of organisations said that covid-19 related safety measures have increased their operating costs.

Consequences of inaction across the voluntary sector 

Given the immediate challenges presented by a new lockdown to the ability of charities to provide the services we need to get through the coming weeks, we would be very grateful if you were able to raise the need for additional support for charitable activity during Wednesday’s debate.

The prime minister committed to doing 'much more over the winter to support the voluntary sector', please tell him about the important work done by charities in your constituency and ask him and the chancellor to bring forward a package of support during the spending review.

Please contact Chris Walker and Roshni Mistry if you would like further briefing on this issue, or to arrange a conversation with NCVO’s chief executive, Karl Wilding.

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