NCVO Strategy 2014-19

Our strategy will shape our work into 2019. It reflects our views on how society is changing, the challenges voluntary and volunteering organisations are facing and our vision for change. The strategy describes the role we will play in leading and connecting the sector to make these changes happen together.

Championing volunteering will be at the heart of our work, as will involving and representing our members.

Our strategic aims

Five strategic aims will determine our programmes of work over the next five years, and we will judge our success against them.

What we aim to achieve for volunteering and the voluntary sector

Sturdy chain linksWe will champion volunteering and the voluntary sector

Group of people waving a flagWe will strengthen voluntary organisations

Volunteers with raised handsWe will grow and enhance volunteering, wherever it takes place

How we will work and develop as an organisation to support the first aims

A networkWe will connect people and organisations

A tree with deep rootsWe will be a sustainable and socially responsible organisation

The strategy describes each aim in more detail and specifies the changes we want to see, our priorities for the next five years and how we'll achieve them.

Take a look at Karl's blog post for more on our vision for the sector.

How the strategy was developed

We asked voluntary and volunteering organisations to tell us about the challenges they face and what they wanted from us. The responses steered the work of our staff, trustees, volunteers and partners to produce this blueprint for our future.

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