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BIG Assist

BIG Assist

If you are a voluntary organisation or social enterprise, who mainly supports other organisations, then BIG Assist is for you.

BIG Assist is a programme helping to strengthen infrastructure organisations through a diagnostic and voucher scheme, as well as a collaborative peer to peer community to help improve their services for the benefit of the whole sector.

Through an assessment process infrastructure organisations will be able to choose the right support services for their needs. Voucher awards will be given to those organisations
most in need. BIG Assist will offer support in the following categories.

  • Strategy, planning and managing change
  • Financial sustainability
  • Innovation, new products and ways of working
  • Marketing and building strategic relationships
  • Supporting and developing people and organisational culture.

Visit BIG Assist website

Become a supplier

Voluntary sector infrastructure organisations who can demonstrate your experience of delivering support in the key topic areas can apply to be a BIG Assist Supplier.

View requirements for becoming a supplier on BIG Assist website

About BIG Assist

Changes in the voluntary sector environment has meant that more infrastructure organisations than ever are seeking extra support and advice to help become more efficient, effective and sustainable.

That support may be financial help towards support services but a large element of BIG Assist will be the peer to peer support community, allowing infrastructure organisations to share and learn from one another. For this reason, even those who are not awarded vouchers will still be able to benefit from the programme by learning from the experience of other organisations.


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